My website :3

Welcome to my stupid website!! This will be sort of an intro to who I am, my interests, updates on my MSPFA, Scrubventure/Scrubstuck, and so on!!

Firstly, we of course have to go over who I am and my interests.

This will be a long one. I have a bunch of names cause I am indecisive and silly.

Sorry for the long list of names. N E WAYS!!! I go by she/it, and I am a transfem, polyamorous, pan demigirl. I have a few interests, as is such below.

  1. Homestuck
  2. Scott Pilgrim
  3. FNAF
  4. Sally Face
  5. Cult Of The Lamb
  6. Inscryption
  7. Drawing/art
  8. Celeste
  9. TBOI
  10. DUSK
  11. Pizza Tower
  12. Portal
  13. TF2
  14. The Stanley Parable
  15. Ultrakill
  16. Undertale, Deltarune, any fangames of those.
  17. Castle Crashers
  18. Don't Starve
  19. Getting Over It
  20. Hollow Knight
  21. NITW
  22. ROR2
  23. Kwite
  24. Foekoe
  25. Tomska

That isn't a full list, but y'know, I am not going to make a full list.

A bit about myself though, I have 2 dogs and a cat, a comic called Scrubventure/Scrubstuck, 3 partners, and I am super silly.